Pecu Novus Wallet for Android Now Available on Google Play Store!

Pecu Novus
2 min readFeb 23, 2024

Dear Pecu Novus Community,

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey — the official release of the Pecu Novus Wallet for Android, now available on the Google Play Store! This achievement is the result of dedicated efforts by our team, and we are excited to bring you a feature-rich and secure mobile wallet experience.

Key Features

Digital Asset Management

View your digital asset holdings.
Transfer PECU coins and manage tokens seamlessly.

Escrow System

Place PECU coins in escrow effortlessly with our smart contract no-coding required escrow system.

NFT Holdings

Explore and manage NFT holdings easily in the MVault.

QR Scan

Easily transfer and receive PECU coins and other tokens using QR code scanning.

Platform Control

Toggle control over systems to connect and disconnect your Pecu Novus Wallet to platforms with a simple interface.

Pecu Terminal Access

Control access to the Pecu Terminal and its powerful features with enhanced security measures. This is where you can print account statements, view the public ledger and so much more in development.

Future Developments

Stay tuned for continuous upgrades and new features currently in development.

Security Measures

PIN Access

Secure your mobile app with PIN access for added protection.

Secret Recovery Phrase

Once propagated all wallet holders will receive a unique 12-word recovery phrase to restore their wallet if their device is lost or replaced.

MVault’s Safety Deposit Box

Cold Storage

Safely place PECU coins in cold storage in separate baskets within MVault. So the ability to create multiple baskets of various PECU coin amounts is possible with a simple click of a button that automatically creates that smart contract.

Over-the-Counter Transfers

The safety deposit box also serves to enable over-the-counter transfers for institutional stakeholders, providing transparency on the blockchain without having an impact on value.

Ownership Transfer

Facilitate simple ownership transfers of PECU coins in cold storage using a private key via the safety deposit box.

We extend our gratitude to the dedicated team members involved in the development for their hard work in developing these secure and powerful layer-2 platforms on the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network.

Download the Pecu Novus Wallet on the Google Play Store today and experience the future of secure digital asset management!

Pecu Novus Wallet on Google Play

Best Regards,

The Pecu Novus Team



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